Pike, Perch and Piss

Today was a story of Pike, Perch and pissing; literally.

Fishing partner for the day, Ben Church, is a few years older than me so it was of no real surprised that he out-pissed me at a ratio of 3:1 – great work mate!

we travelled approximately 224 miles in pursuit of some decent water, ate a balanced mix of McDonalds and Burger King and caught a few fish in extremely tough conditions. The end.

Lord of the knobs

Lord of the knobs


IMG_2412 IMG_2405 IMG_2414 IMG_2413


I’m back…. For now at least

I’ve taken the art of sporadic blogging to the next level…..

I have my reasons, but that’s for another day.

Anyhow, I’ll knock up a post soon to run through my angling year – I’m sure you’ll be checking thrice daily in anticipation!!

Here are some pics of a recent Pike mission (first in a couple of years) to the Somerset levels with young blud John Wheeler. One fish was taken on a Sausage Gear monstrosity that looks like something from my Christmas tree, the other three that I landed were taken on the ever reliable 4.5” Ecogear BTS shad.

I’ve got some really cool shizzle to share soon, maybe, if I don’t lose interest in blogging within 24 hours…..


The Worlds Laziest Blogger…

Yep, that’s me. I’ll make no excuses for my laziness – I’m a busy man you see!!! ūüėČ

Work always seems to have a firm grip on my testicles these days (and not in the nice way!), with very little time to take a crap – let alone get out fishing and then write a blog.

Contrary to my own belief though, I have actually managed to get out fishing a few times recently. I’ve not caught anything of note really, but one of my fishing chum’s, Leigh, has had a few nice fish while we’ve been out (See below). The stand out for me was seeing Leigh play a nice carp on LRF tackle and 5lb line in a veritable snag fest. Nice one brother!

Thankfully the days are getting longer now and it won’t be long before I can start grabbing the odd evening session on the water. It soothes the soul!


A Labour Of Love!

Finally finished a my first shoal of crank baits this week.

Time consuming? Yes.

Labour intensive? Yes.

Easy? No.

Fun? YES!

In my mind, fishing is more than just going out and catching a fish. There is always that DIY element, whether that be rig making, float making, fly tying or lure building. Of course, not everyone can be assed, nor has the free time to spend fettling with stuff in a spare room, but those who do will no doubt glean that little extra enjoyment out of their fishing on the whole.

I even managed to find the time to hit the water with a few buddies!! (thanks to Jim O’Donnell for the photo)

Midweek Blues Buster Vol. 4

It’s just gone 0800 and I’m at my work desk in the office. As I write this I’m¬†awkwardly¬†hunched over my double strong Coffee trying to find the inner strength to get through the 10 hour day that lies ahead. It doesn’t help that all I can see from the corner of my eye is a thick blanket of grey cloud shedding its juicy load over the city….

I need a pick me up! I need a f*****g holiday!!!!!!


Coming Along Nicely…

Following on from my last post, here are a couple of the lures I’ve made with a fresh coat of paint. It’s all trial and error at this point, but with every mistake I learn and improve.

This week I¬†acquired an airbrush and compressor, as well as a good few paints from Createx. I can tell you now, airbrushing is a bitch! This stuff is just waiting for the chance to run all over your lure and make a monumental mess. ¬†You really can’t go easy enough on the layering.

It’s a really cool process though, to see your block of wood make the various transformations along the way and become lures. There are some tedious steps along the way, like forming through wire from stainless steel wire and also designing and cutting a bib to give the desired action. Making lures is labour intensive beyond doubt, but without a doubt worth it.

These are my first attempts at lure making and especially with an airbrush. ¬†I’m pretty pleased that they’ve turned out reasonably well. I can’t wait to get a top coat on them and show ’em to some fish!

Lipless diving minnow. Runs 30cm or so with a nice wide roll. 18g and 5”

Square billed crank bait. 15g or so with hardware. Should run to around 4′

Quietly Busy…

Yep, I know I’ve been quiet for the last week. Work has gone off the scale busy and my few hours a day of personal time has been split between the Wife and tinkering around with making some wooden lures.

It’s a slow process and my work needs a lot of refining, but I’m absolutely enjoying every minute I spend wittling little blocks of wood into shapes that resemble lures.

I’ve got some cool ideas that I’ll be¬†transferring¬†into lures asap. With a little luck, they may just catch me a few fish!

We Went Fishing (a short story)

My friends caught these…

Image by Jim O’Donnell

Image by Jim O’Donnell

I mostly did this…

Casting plugs into the wind with super-tuned reels is a bloody art form!

The end!

A fruitless day for me I’m afraid to say. I’m pretty sure Matt Jones has been creeping into my house in the dead of the night to syphon off my Angling Mojo!! Grrrr.

On the plus side, I got a chance to have a few casts with the new protoype Major Craft Zoner ‘Jerkbait’ lure that I’ve been sent. I can’t comment on it’s fish whispering abilities at this point – other than the fact that the Trout didn’t want to eat it! But I can say that it has a nice action on a medium retrieve and suspends pretty well. More info to follow.